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State-of-the-Art Machinery and Equipment

If you can believe it, we used to hand-bend all of our trim pieces with a metal break. But two years ago, we bought our Variobend folder. It's 20' long, and two operators can run 10-foot trims. We can also do custom sizes in two-foot increments 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18. It's made production more efficient!

Variobend folder

In-House Products

We house 9-10,000 pound rib steel coils here in Jonesville, Michigan in our climate-controlled “bend room”. It's also where we bend all the trims in advance for both Rib Steel and Standing Seam roofs using the Variobend Folder.

Quick Turnarounds

Each of our machines (the Variobend Folder, our Rib Steel Roller, and our Standing Seam Roller) helps us customize the metal needed for your project. Our machines increase our production speed so we can get your order ready exactly when you need it!

stoll metal sales metal roofing

Metal Roofing is 50% Lighter, Lasts 2Xs Longer, Looks Amazing, and is a Lifetime Investment!

When it comes to metal roofing, reliability starts at the top!

Stoll Metal Sales are metal roof suppliers in Michigan and we are committed to providing the best service, quality, efficiency, and overall experience in the tri-state area. Our employees and clients are our families, and that means we prioritize them over everything else. Join our family today!

Stoll Metal Sales Storefront
Stoll Metal Sales Showroom Floor

Metal Roofs Last 40-60 Years!

A metal roof requires little to no maintenance. There are no shingles to replace or leaks to fix. When considering the cost of a metal roof, consider the lifetime costs and know that metal roofing is comparably cheaper. 

Latest Projects

Gym Facelift
Gym Facelift

Interior ceiling for CrossFit Timoro brand new gym. We love working with local businesses that care about our community.


Denise's Diner
Denise's Diner

Denise’s Diner is the place to be! We had a great time helping make this Diner truly one of a kind. Custom from top to bottom. Come try their delicious daily specials. Take a look around and get some ideas on what you can do for your next project!


Galvalume Standing Seam Roof
Galvalume Standing Seam Roof

This is a Galvalume standing seam roof on a new build. Standing seam is a hidden fastener system with no visible screws. The homeowners will enjoy this beautiful roof for many, many years to come!


Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3!


Provide us with your dimensions

Call or stop in with your exact measurements.


We'll help you choose your style

Choose your steel, your color, your finishes, and your accessories.


We'll deliver your materials!

Choose your delivery date. We can deliver your rib steel panels to the job site using our 35’ long trailer extending to 40’ for Rib Steal panels and bring our trailer with our Standing Seam roller right to the job site for Standing Seam panels.

lake home
Did you know that metal roofs are just as quiet, if not quieter, than asphalt?

Maybe you’ve been in a barn when it’s raining and noticed the loud sound of rain hitting the top. While some barn roofs are noisy, don't expect the same from a metal roof on the house. This is because a metal roof on the home is completed with roof decking that adds structure and insulates sound. The roof deck and insulation muffle the noise that comes from any kind of weather.


Improve and enhance your home!

From coils to panels, and onto your roof, walls, or ceilings, Stoll Metal Sales makes the process of improving and enhancing your home or structure easy! 


We’ll deliver your roofing panels right to you!

We supply roofing materials all year round and travel to any job site in Michigan! While there is a delivery charge, there is no limit to where we will deliver. 


There’s less metal waste with Stoll!

Our panels are custom-cut for each order, so you'll never have to worry about unnecessary waste.


We offer fast turnarounds!

We strive to have your Rib Steal panels to your job site within 2-3 days, sometimes sooner! And once your Standing Seam coils come in, we will bring them to the job site and cut them right then and there!

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