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Our Core Virtues

We have strong core values grounded in a willingness to treat customers with respect, seek ways to improve ourselves and our products, develop leadership to impact our community, and let our faith in God guide us.

Stoll Metal Sales Roofing
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At Stoll Metal Sales, we are all about family!

Our Stoll Metal Sales family, Quality Metal Roofs, Core Virtues, and Extremely FAST Turnaround are what sets us apart from others! We're located in Jonesville but Deliver All Over Michigan!

A successful small business is like a family.

We are incredibly thankful for relationships with customers like you at Stoll Metal Sales! Our team is here to assist you with your orders and product needs!

Inside Sales Representative


Travis has been with Stoll’s for six years and looks forward to serving you!

Outside Sales Representative


I am the outside sales representative for Stoll Metal Sales. I've been in commercial sales for over 20 years and with Stoll for almost 2 years.

Production Manager


Kaleb is in charge of overseeing operations. He ensures that everything runs smoothly and on time. He is also charged with making sure customers are satisfied!

Delivery / Production Assistant


Jerry assists Kaleb with day-to-day operations, product manufacturing, deliveries, building, and equipment maintenance. Making ordering quick and accurate.

Production Assistant


Andy also assists Kaleb with day-to-day operations, product manufacturing, deliveries, building, and equipment maintenance. 

Production Assistant


And last but not least, James! James, along with Jerry and Andy, is the dream team that helps you achieve your goal with Stoll!

What is Galvalume?

Galvalume is one of the most popular roofing systems on the market today and is a type of steel roof coating made from aluminum, zinc, and silicon. A high percent of the steel is aluminum making it more resistant to corrosion. The main purpose of galvalume is to protect steel from oxidizing (rusting). While protecting against rust, galvalume is also highly reflective and resistant to extreme temperatures. Galvalume panels will reduce both cooling and heating expenses throughout the year.

Will a metal roof help save money?

You’ll save money by not having to replace your roof nearly as often. About half as often, in fact! Homeowners should check with their home insurance agency because rates are often discounted on homes with a metal roof. Ask one of our sales specialists for details.

How strong are the hem pieces?

Our hem pieces have an extra fold-over giving them strength and rigidity, and each bend strengthens the metal.

How long will my metal roof last?

If you have your metal roof put on right, chances are you’ll never have to replace it again in your lifetime! Metal roofs generally last for 50 years or more. Compare that to the 20-year life expectancy of a shingle roof, and a metal roof looks like a truly significant investment.

Are metal roofs recyclable?

Yes, they are 100% recyclable. Metal roofs can be recycled entirely when their useful life as a roof is through. On the other hand, up to 20 billion pounds of shingle tear-off waste goes into landfills annually.

Will my house be hotter in the summer if I have a metal roof?

Standing seam and rib steel panels are great for residential and commercial applications as they do not ignite into flames during a wildlife or lightning strike. They reflect UV and infrared light rays and contribute to roof surface radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs by 10-25% compared to shingle roofs.


Did you know that we can deliver materials for your new metal roof or metal siding?

When you purchase Rib Steel, we cut the metal before we come out but if you purchase Standing Seam, we cut the metal right on the job site! 


Authentic lives that have confidence in God will direct our business. We plan for the responsibilities of today and the opportunities of tomorrow, and by faith, we rely on God’s perfect plan.


We practice the skills we’ve gained from experience and have a continuing desire to be students of our craft. We consider it a privilege to grow in knowledge and wisdom in all facets of our business.


We desire to impact our community! The ability to influence a group comes from leadership, and effective leadership has its foundation in integrity.


We are committed to operate this business in a way that doesn’t fit the culture, but searches for ways to improve it. We will use the talents and intellect that God has blessed us with to solve problems creatively, handle challenges effectively, and welcome success expectantly. 


We are committee to a high standard that motivates us to deliver rapid service for the expectations of fast-moving culture. This commitment is rooted in a willingness to treat customers with the respect they deserve.

Happy Customers

Why contractors and DIYers prefer our metal for their roofs and structures!

I’ve been buying steel from Stoll Metal Sales for several years. Stoll Metal Sales is the place to go for your siding, roof, and trim needs. They are great people with great customer service.

Mark Gibson

I am continually impressed with Stoll Metal Sales’ turnaround time on roofing materials and other products. Orders are often delivered same day! I believe this is a testament to their quality staff. They are always friendly and helpful to the average DIYer like myself.

John Taipalus

When you need metal roofing, don’t play around with anyone else in town. Stoll Metal Sales always comes through. A great business to work with!

Al Moulaison
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