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Stoll Metal Sales has everything you need for your roofing Installation!

We carry a complete line of Malco Products SBC snips, shears, folders, crimpers, and drill bits. We even rent a few hand tools, such as benders and cutters, for installation purposes. Do your project right the first time, and ask our knowledgeable staff about what you need to complete your project!

We have custom-fabricated trim, metalwork hand tools, and everything you need to make your project a success!

Protect your gutters with metal Snow Rails.


We have several snow rails to choose from, but the one we like the most attaches to the ribs and does a great job protecting gutters and ice snowfall while being economical as far as pricing goes. We make them in-house from the same steel your panels and trim pieces are made from.

We have plenty of metal roofing resources!


Our displays and collections allow us to communicate better with both contractors and DIYers. They help everyone figure out what they need and also help us explain how much work goes into building a roof and what each piece is used for. And when it comes to color coatings, the possibilities are endless! Did you know we offer 26 different colors of metal for your project? Enjoy years of long-lasting color with Sherwin Williams coil coating.

Control pests with our metal Rat Guards.


With the help of our Rat Guards, you never have to worry about clogged drains under and around your metal siding due to rodents or other pests again. Hardware and other components made of stainless steel are built to last and maintain their integrity in the face of corrosion and rust.

Seal house vents and electrical fixtures with Roofing Boots.


Our roofing boots make it quick and easy to seal house vents and electrical fixtures. At Stoll Metal Sales, we offer a few regular and retrofit boots. Regular boots slip over the top of vent pipes. Retrofit boots split around electrical posts and other fixtures that you might not be able to slip a regular boot on. We stock three colors; black, gray, and red. 

Build an even tougher metal roof with the right screws


We ensure a weather-tight seal for metal and wood with Levi's Building Components ProZ screws. ProZ features a strong cap that withstands the toughest installation conditions, and is compatible with all metal finishes! The design of the washer head reduces overdriving and the zinc aluminum alloy cap will never red rust. The quality of the ProZ line, available in 40 plus quick-ship color choices, is backed by Levi's 50-year warranty!

We have top to bottom closure protection for your metal roof!


When it comes to closures on a metal roof, there are a few options to choose from. Upper venting closures fit underneath the ridge cap. These closures can either be solid, for buildings such as barns and garages or vented, allowing homes and other buildings to breathe. And underside closures fit under the panel, helping keep moisture, water, and nests from birds and bees away.

For the DIYers, purchase snips, shears, folders, bits, and more. We also rent some of our hand tools.


Did you know we have everything you need to make your project a success? We carry a full line of Malco Products SBC snips, shears, folders, crimpers, and drill bits. We also have the C-Rhex bit which helps clear any debris like adhesives and sealants that would be on existing roofs. It has a magnetic tip, and can be flipped around from a 1/4 driver side to a 5/16 driver side! Do your project right the first time and ask our knowledgeable staff about what you need to complete your project!

Need trim? We've got it!


These trim pieces for ribbed steel will help production meet our 24-hour turnaround times, while also having quick and easy access to over-the-counter sales! Come see us today!

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Contractor Standing Seam Demo

If you are a Stoll Metal Sales preferred contractor, please be on the lookout for our regularly scheduled standing seam Contractor Demo Installations. We go over the installation process and discuss the different systems and how everything is pieced together. We'll also discuss why our product tends to work better and why people like it so much! 

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