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Standing Seam metal roofs offer a seamless, modern look that lasts a lifetime!

Fasteners are hidden with no visible screws. The hidden screws are beneath the panel and offer no penetration through the top. Any amount of minimal metal penetration during installation is preferable! While the standing seam panels are clipped together, there are still screws underneath.

Is Standing Seam metal a right fit for your roof or siding?

Standing Seam metal roofing is a lifetime investment.


Standing Seam metal roofing is much more resistant to rust than traditional steel. The coating has a 40-year warranty against fade.

Standing Seam metal roofing is a modern, aesthetically appealing option!


Standing Seam panels are not as wide as Rib Steel panels and have a different appearance as they hide screws and conceal fasteners using a snap-and-lock system. The results are very aesthetically appealing and add major curb appeal to any home or structure!

Standing Seam metal roofing has protection and longevity.


Standing Seam panels are 16” wide on-center, and because they are made of heavier and thicker gauge steel (26 and 24 gauge), they last longer! Plus the color coating options are amazing! Check out our many color options. 

Have your Standing Seam metal roof materials on your job site quickly!


We order Standing Seam coils on a job-by-job basis, which can take two weeks. That said, this turnaround time is generally quicker than most other places! Once we have your coil in, we'll come right out to the job site and start rolling out the panels.

Stoll Metal Sales makes ordering and having a Standing Seam metal roof easy! 


Call a Stoll Metal Sales specialist for help choosing the panels and trim you need for your project at 517.849.7470.

Your Standing Seam metal roofing will fit exactly the way you need it!


The quality of our Standing Seam is second to none. Our trailer arrives on the job ready to roll out panels. Many times trim pieces and other roofing accessories have already been fabricated allowing for quick installation.

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We offer a wide range of standard and custom Standing Seam options! 

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