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Our Rib Steel metal roofing is affordable and offers a traditional look!

Welcome to the heart of Stoll Metal Sales! Our Rib Steel Roll Former can roll out an entire house in less than an hour! Pretty amazing, right?

Is Rib Steel metal roofing a right fit for you?

Rib Steel metal roofing is a lifetime investment.


Rib Steel is an excellent metal option because your roof will be made of durable steel! Plus, the screws come with weather-tight seals that have 40 or 50-year warranties. Rib Steel roofing is similarly priced to shingles, but is much more durable, allowing your metal roof to last for as long as you might live in your home!

Rib Steel metal roofing has a traditional look.


Rib Steel roofing has a traditional look to it with the screws being visible and is often used for a variety of things. We've had folks come in for steel for their kennels, we've done pole barns where they've had rooms sectioned off, and it's been used as siding for houses and chicken coop sheds. Have a gym and need a metal interior ceiling? No problem! There are a lot of creative uses for Rib Steel panels. If you want that 'barn look' but want something that will last and won't need to be replaced as frequently as siding, Rib Steel is a great choice!

Rib Steel metal roofing has protection and longevity.


We keep 29 gauge coils that are 3’ wide in stock for Rib Steel, which speeds up turnaround, but we do not roll the coils out on the job site like we do our Standing Seam. The coating has a 40-year warranty against fade. The colors have UV protection and hold up to rusting 2-4 times better than the older-style steel. Our color chart shows many color variations, and our trim pieces are cut and ready for either option.

Have your Rib Steel metal roof materials on your job site quickly!


Stoll Metal Sales rolls Rib Steel sheets off coils into our Rib Steel roller. We cut them to any length the customer desires ahead of time. We strive for a two-day window to have your panels ready for pickup or delivery.

Stoll Metal Sales makes ordering and having a Rib Steel metal roof easy!


Call a Stoll Metal Sales specialist for help choosing the panels and trim you need for your project at 517.849.7470.

Your Rib Steel metal roofing will fit exactly the way you need it!


We cut your panels in-house before bringing them out to the job site and make sure to cut them to your exact measurements! Plus, should you need any additional pieces, we’ve got you covered.


We offer a wide range of standard and custom Rib Stell options! Download our Rib Steel profile sheet to learn more.

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